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company profile

time4care is part of the HCR Group of companies and is a brand name within the Bridgefast Management Ltd division. Bridgefast is a specialist property sales management and funding company that was established 10 years ago to provide services to retired homeowners.

The HCR Group was founded in the UK in 1982.  The Group  provides a comprehensive range of property services including domestic and international relocation,  short term accommodation solutions and furniture hire. The Group Fee turnover is nearly £7 Million per annum, but it passes through costs of approximately £100 Million a year for its clients. More information regarding the Group can be found at


HCR Group clients are typically the UK Government, foreign Governments and highly respected, multi-national corporate clients although our Bridgefast division works directly with private individuals.

time4care services are usually provided via employers as an employee benefit, although we welcome enquiries from private individuals who have need of our services.

Why did HCR Group start time4care?

Over the last 10 years at Bridgefast we have helped many people successfully sell their homes all around the country.  Selling homes is always stressful, but doubly so when you need to release equity to pay for residential or nursing care.  Often we have had to manage the added complexity of the family member trying to cope with the sale on behalf of the actual home owner whilst juggling their own family life and frequently from a long distance away.

Whilst Bridgefast was very successful in managing the property sale and releasing some of the equity to the home owner, what was clearly needed was a seamless service that brought together the Property Management, Care Advice, Legal Advice and Financial Advice - time4care was devised to meet this need.

We are working with specialists in their field. We have researched the market for the best in class specialists.  Our expert case managers will then undertake the initial assessment of need, free of charge, before assigning the appropriate specialists.  The dedicated Case Manager then manages all the specialists to create a unique solution to managing all the requirements of the home owner and their family.

Why have you called it time4care?

The issue of eldercare is very important given the progressive increase in the proportion of the UK’s population that is over retirement age.   The number of carers who are also working is steadily growing;  it is estimated that one in seven UK employees has care responsibilities for an elderly relative making this an issue as relevant  as childcare provision for pre-school children.

Often decisions about the care of relatives has to be taken at very short notice giving little time to understand the issues involved.     Carers need advice and guidance on the options that are open to them and services that cater for their very different and individual needs.   We believe there are four key strands in providing care – property, care advice, legal and financial advice.  That is what T4C offers summed up in our slogan “we’ll take good care of you”.       

What time4care offers

time4care specialises in providing expert advice to help families obtain the care they choose, the way they fund it and meet any legal considerations.

Care Advice – Highly Experienced Advisers offer information and advice on the options for care. Whether it is domiciliary care (home help), warden assisted living, residential or nursing care, you need the best advice from people who really know their stuff.

Property Advice – a fully managed property and sales service, with the option to drawdown funds from the equity in the property for a fixed interest rate.

Financial Advice - Access to qualified financial advisers specialising in care fees planning and the financial affairs of older people.  They know their way around the market for the best annuities available or how to manage the equity to provide a steady income to meet the current accommodation and living needs.

Legal - Access to solicitors for the elderly who are experts in ensuring all legal safeguards are met. We all need a Will and in some instances the opportunity to draw up a Trust or to manage inheritance planning. Getting the right lawyer who really appreciates the law in this area is vital.

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