employer benefits

employer benefits

Why should I offer time4care as a benefit for my employees?

People are living longer than ever before and as a result many more of us are finding ourselves responsible for the care of loved-ones. Juggling these responsibilities with full-time employment is stressful, especially if we live in different parts of the country or even abroad.

Knowing that your employer cares about your wellbeing and understands the difficulties you face, increases loyalty and morale which benefits the whole team.

Reduce absenteeism and staff turnover 

Many carers take leave of absence or even leave work completely in order to support, or care for, elderly relatives because they feel they have few other options  - this results in unwanted absenteeism or loss of talent. Many of these carers will be in the 45-64 age range – experienced employees often occupying senior positions. 

Employers will suffer increased costs, reduced productivity and customer service in covering or replacing these employees.

Increase morale and loyalty  

For the employee directly affected there is a huge strain and worry in trying to provide the right support for elderly relatives.

Furthermore, absenteeism often impacts severely on co-workers’ morale as they see their own
workloads increasing. time4care is a sign of a compassionate employer offering genuine and practical support.

Provide an attractive recruitment and retention incentive

Employer provision of time4care will be an aid to recruitment and retention particularly amongst older members of the workforce.

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